Following Target Groups with profiling rules are defined in the system.

  • Luxury-Cars-Fan
    • Visit at least 5 pages in luxury car area
  • Economy-Cars-Fan
    • Visit at least 5 pages in economy car area
  • Sports-Cars-Fan
    • Visit at least 5 pages in sports car area
  • New Customer
    • Place one order
  • Regular Customer
    • Place more that one and less than 5 orders
  • VIP Customer
    • Place more than 5 orders

For loggin-in customers following segments will be calculated (if profiling is allowed for customer).

  • Gender: female, male, not-set
  • State: based on ZIP defined in customer data
  • Interests: based on manufacturer, body-style and car-class of ordered products
  • VisitingCount: based on visits of user


Following marketing automation is configured.

Sample marketing automation rule for sending mail 1 day after order is placed.

Following personalization is configured.

  • Portal page hero slider personalized for target groups
    • Luxury-Cars-Fan
    • Economy-Cars-Fan
    • Sports-Cars-Fan